Josef Berg

Josef Berg

The Swedish Disc Golf Pro Tour kicked off last weekend and it marks the beginning of the Scandinavian disc golf year. Entering his third season as a Kastaplast tour player Josef Berg has raised the bar even higher and is ready to show that all preparation in a remote ski resort during the dark months will pay off.

-That’s correct! Me and my girlfriend has spent the winter in Funäsdalen, a village we passed driving from Skellefteå Open to PCS Open last season, we fell in love with the area immediately. There are so many activities here like snowboarding, cross-country skiing and exercising. We will probably come back to live here every off season and we may even move here permanently after the disc golf career is done.

Even though the last season ended on a bad note with an elbow injury, which made the side arm play impossible and less field due to deep snow, spirits are high.

-The arm feels much better now but I’m unfortunately not fully recovered yet. I can only use the side arm for approach shots right now, but recovery is going forward and I feel optimistic that I will be able to throw longer later in the season.

Clear goals are one of the most important factors for any sportsmen to progress further and something that makes uphill battles easier. What are your goals and what do you want to achieve this year?

-Becoming the Swedish champion at Ale! But also convert all the training and hard work to move beyond the 1 000-rating mark. I have stayed there long enough! The vlog is another project where we are stepping things up to put out content more consistently. We want to take our viewers with us on tour so consider following us on our Youtube channel -

And finally, what are your three favourite Kastaplast molds?


K1 soft Berg - to obtain complete control of the approach shots. There is no other disc like it on the market. No turn, no fade and it doesn’t fly beyond 80 m. Enough said!

K3 Reko X - give it 18 solid tree hits and it’ll fly straight as straight can be, then it will hold its stability for years. It copes with the wind and has a comfy grip.

K1 Stål - it’s a standard overstable fairway driver, really. It flies the same distance no matter the wind, and it lies very well in the hand, and apart from similar discs it doesn’t have any sharp edges.

Get Josef's top 3 discs here!

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