Clay Edwards

Clay Edwards

The North Carolina straight shooter, who got introduced to Kastaplast when the former team member Taylor Brooks handed him a K3 Berg. The gesture made Clay move closer and closer to the brand, to finally join the team himself in 2021.

With a strong start of the season ending up third in the Mobile Championships, AL and securing a place in the USDGC the future looks bright.

- Coming off of a really bad week at Olympus, I was extra motivated to play well. The Admiral course was very wooded and felt like I was playing back home in Charlotte, NC. Overall felt very comfortable on the wooded, technical courses we had to play. 

Last year Swedish Open was held in the town of Borås, also on a wooded course where high accuracy is needed to prevail. This was the tournament where Clay qualified to the USDGC and the European Open, which prolonged his stay to over a month. We wanted to know if he could see himself returning to Sweden this year defending last year’s placement or go even higher.

- Yes, I can’t wait to be back! The Swedish open was one of the most professional events I have played in and has the best title sponsor a tournament could ask for (Kastaplast).

Disc golf is a sport and the discs used are important tools for professional players to succeed. They need to harmonize with the different levels of physique, talent, and technique to bring out the best performance possible. Clay is no exception, and these are his Kastaplast favourites.

K1 Soft Berg - anything 230 ft on any angle. Often when I throw it on the pro tour, my competitors refer to it as a “cheat code” or “cheater disc”.

K1 Hard Stig - my tour series disc for a reason. I like throwing it on hyzer flip dead straight shots (otherwise known as a clayserbeam) long turnovers up to 400 ft, and rollers.

K1 Lots - the straightest 9 speed disc I have ever thrown. I carry 3 in my bag. You can make this disc do anything with a lot of control and distance.

But excellent tools are only one ingredient, it takes more to make a meal. Like setting up goals to strive for and make sure you are surrounded by good people. The mental game in disc golf should not be diminished.

- I want to play better on golf courses, achieve a rating of 1020, win an A-tier or higher. I want to thank Kastaplast and Anders for believing in me and all the support I have received over the last three seasons. Without them I would not have ended up where I am today, and I am extremely grateful for everything they have done.

We can’t wait to see him tee off in Sweden.

Let’s Clayserbeam!

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