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K1 Krut - First Run

K1 Krut - First Run

Flight Specs

4 Glide
0 Turn
4 Fade
Disc Type: Distance Driver

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Thankfully we don’t need gun powder to power our discs down the fairway. Instead, we use our bodies to slingshot the disc. Technique is a major part of disc golf and once you have gained control over your movement a reliable disc is essential for consistent results. Krut will give you that consistency. When the Guld lose speed and continue to glide, the Krut enter a predictable fade.

Use it for mighty S-line distance shots.


Diameter: 21.2 cm

Maximum weight: 176 gram

Height: 1.7 cm

Rim Depth: 1.1 cm

Rim Thickness: 2.2 cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

It feels really good in the hand and is not that stable as I tough in a headwind, maybe cus it’s a first run.


This disc truly is a bomber, out of the hand it feels faster than most if not any of the other 12 speeds on the market. Even though it flips over pretty quick, the disc continues to push forward.

Markku T.
Surprisingly useful

I thought this one would be more like the old Grym X:s, super beefy and fading right away (at least with my power). I've had my spot for that one as well but as it turns out, the Krut is the perfect overstable driver for me. It keeps going straight for a long time before it fades, but the stability handles even the stronger headwinds. As I still bag a Rask, this one compliments it perfectly on the more stable end. Guld and Grym still have their place for me, let's see what you guys have in hold for the future. 😁

Krut for the win

This is a well appointed disc. Easy in the hand feeling. Definitely a big brother to the Guld, this disc has all the makings of a bomber. For my arm speed, I get amazing backhand/forehand flights. My First Run Krut gets a smidge of high speed turn, with heavy predictable fade at the end of the flight as it slows. During my first event with it, and I tapped the basket from the tee three times. Very controllable, very predictable. Great disc and it will certainly live in my tournament bag. Thank you!