The powerhouse of Disc Golf grows

As the CEO of House of Discs, I am thrilled to announce that Dynamic Discs, and their affiliated brand Handeye Supply Company, has joined our group consisting of the quality brands Latitude 64, Westside Discs, Kastaplast and Spinoff Games. This partnership is a significant milestone for us, and we are confident that it will bring numerous benefits for the group and the disc golf community.

Dynamic Discs is a leading brand in the disc golf industry, and their passion, high-quality products and amazing customer service have earned them a loyal following among players around the world. By joining forces with Dynamic Discs, we can leverage their expertise on the US market to expand our product offerings from the brands in the group and provide our customers with even more options to choose from. 

At the same time House of Discs provides Dynamic Discs with access to our extensive Latitude 64 R&D and manufacturing facilities, distribution channels, and marketing expertise. This means that we can coordinate and bring their products to new markets and increase our professionalism in how we best serve our retailers and consumers with excellence backed by a group of powerful disc golf brands.

Our partnership is about more than just products and distribution channels. Dynamic Discs and House of Discs share a common goal: to grow the sport of disc golf and make it more accessible to players of all skill levels. By working together, we can pool our resources to develop new programs and initiatives that will help us achieve this goal. We all strive to enrich people’s lives in the disc golf community.

Overall, I am excited about the opportunities that our partnership with Dynamic Discs will bring. In the coming years, House of Discs will invest in the growth of disc golf as a whole to ensure that each brand that is in the group receives the financial assets and professional expertise to grow to a level that elevates the sport, and the brands, to new heights. 

Together, we can create a stronger, more competitive entity in the disc golf industry. We will continue to push the boundaries of disc golf technology with new ventures and an open mind for new partner- ships that aligns with our vision of growing the sport. I am confident that our new close cooperation will be a success, and I look forward to what the future holds for the group House of Discs, now joined by Dynamic Discs. 


David Berglund, CEO House of Discs and Latitude 64