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K1 Berg

K1 Berg

Flight Specs

1 Glide
0 Turn
2 Fade
Disc Type: Putt & Approach

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Berg is designed for distinct shots, where you don’t need to worry about the disc gliding far passed the basket. The disc features an ergonomic thumb track which is prominent on the top side while not being noticeable at the bottom. This makes it feel very different from any other putter. Berg is Swedish for mountain.


Suitable for:

Windy days, fearless putts and distinct approach shots.

Color information:

Shade of disc color may vary. Foil color are assorted.

Available in:

K1 Soft, K3, K3 Hard, K3 Glow

About our plastic


Diameter: 21.1 cm

Maximum Weight: 175 g

Height: 1.8 cm

Rim Depth: 1.1 cm

Rim Thickness: 2.2 cm

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Customer Reviews

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gary a.
The cult of the Berg

Once upon a time, there was a disc golf disc known as the Berg, made by Kastaplast. People couldn't seem to get enough of it, and a cult-like following formed around it. Some players swore that the disc had magical powers, and they would do anything to get their hands on one.

One day, a new player entered the disc golf scene, eager to try the Berg for himself. He heard whispers of strange rituals and ceremonies that took place under the cover of night, deep in the woods where the cult of the Berg gathered.

Determined to join their ranks, the new player made his way to the cult's secret meeting spot. When he arrived, he was greeted by the eerie sight of glowing eyes peering at him from the darkness. Suddenly, the cult members emerged from the shadows, holding the Berg aloft like a talisman.

The new player felt a chill run down his spine as the cult members began to chant in an unfamiliar language. Suddenly, the Berg started to glow, and the player realized that he was in way over his head.

The cult members forced the player to participate in the ritual, throwing the Berg over and over until it seemed to come alive in their hands. The player soon realized that the Berg was not just a disc, but a powerful entity that controlled the cult's every move.

From that day on, the player was trapped in the cult's grasp, compelled to worship the Berg and carry out its dark bidding. The player vanished without a trace, and the cult of the Berg continued to grow, spreading its influence far and wide.

To this day, it is said that the Berg still holds its power over those who seek it, drawing them into its dark embrace and forcing them to carry out its twisted desires. Beware, disc golfers, lest you fall under the spell of the cult of the Berg.

David P.

My favorite putter

Berg is the best disc that can ever be

Go ahead, try to make a better disc. I’ll wait. By the basket. Where my berg just landed.

Berg is best

What isn't there to say about the berg? My K3 works well as a point and shoot putter so I needed a K1 to work as a throwing putter. Same great flight but more durable. Forehand, backhand, roller, putting, every shot is a berg shot. If you don't have one and are reading this, do yourself a favor and say YES to the berg ;)

Martin T.
Gotta love the Berg!

Hang in there - the first two throws may feel a little bit off, but when you get to know it’s flight the Berg will reliably fight the wind and become an approach favorite.