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K1 Hard Vass - Jesse Nieminen Tour Series

K1 Hard Vass - Jesse Nieminen Tour Series

Flight Specs

5 Glide
-1.5 Turn
2 Fade
Disc Type: Distance Driver

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The 22 mm rim combined with the smooth Kastaplast plastic guarantee a comfortable grip, and the sharp profile and fast flight will give you a cutting edge on the long fairways. The Vass is a great disc for shaping lines into the distance but stay away from the Common Reed.

Suitable for:

Intermediate and experienced players

Color information:

Shade of disc color may vary. Stamp colo

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alexander U. (Košice, SK)

K1 Hard Vass - Jesse Nieminen Tour Series

John M.
Amazing disc!

I have a FR Vass, a K1 Vass, and now this k1 hard. Not as stable as I thought it might be in the k1 hard plastic, but man it bombs. Some of the easiest distance I’ve gotten, and it feels amazing in the hand.

Mario T. (Sydney, AU)

Great point-and-shoot disc

Tommi R. (Helsinki, FI)

K1 Hard Vass - Jesse Nieminen Tour Series

Ian Y. (Pittsburgh, US)
Exactly what I was looking for

I’ve been a fan of the vass since it came out and have been throwing a first run and stock k1 with fantastic results backhand. Forehand the k1 hard vass shines. A touch more stability for pushing flip up shots. Love it.