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K1 Hard Lots - Joseph Anderson

K1 Hard Lots - Joseph Anderson

Flight Specs

5 Glide
-1 Turn
2 Fade
Disc Type: Fairway Driver

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Lots in Swedish is a pilot that leads a ship through difficult waters and narrow passages, so that it will arrive safely to its harbor. In water, as well as at the disc golf course, a Lots is a predictable line-holder.


Suitable for:

Straight shots, hyzers and anhyzers. Multi-purpose.

Color information:

Shade of disc color may vary. Foil color are assorted.

Available in:


About our plastic


Diameter: 21.1 cm

Maximum weight: 175 g

Height: 1.5 cm

Rim Depth: 1.1 cm

Rim Thickness: 1,9 cm

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Lots in profile

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Morgen L. (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
More Stable Lots!

I love this disc, it is definitely more stable but still a lots at heart. I got the hot pink!

Stephen P. (Simpsonville, US)
Flies like a dream

Great disc but we need a Joey B stamped Reko!

Austin S. (Winter Garden, US)
Similar feel, but most certainly a little more stable.

Friend has a k1 lots almost new so I took both out to compare. The feel is almost identical. Feeling them eyes closed was almost a guess on which is which. The flight was easy to tell them apart. The reg k1 has much more turn before coming back. The hard k1 holds the line much more with more prominent fade. If the k1 lots is 9/5/-1/2 (I'd say 9/5/-1.5/2 for the reg k1) then the hard is more true to numbers. Flies like my c-line CD1.

Eric A. (Bushnell, US)
Joey b - Lots

Best disc I ever owned 😊
It is going on my wall as a collector disc since it is Joey Buckets first tour series disc!