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K3 Göte

K3 Göte

Flight Specs

5 Glide
0 Turn
1 Fade
Disc Type: Midrange Driver

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This large diameter midrange disc is slower than our Kaxe midrange driver and more workable on shorter holes and when powered down. Göte is an old Norse first name, meaning a person from Götaland (Southern Sweden). Pronounced [jø?t?] in Swedish, but it’s better known as “the Goat” elsewhere.


Suitable for:

Any line (straight, hyzer or anhyzer), touch shots, 1-disc rounds.

Color information:

Shade of disc color may vary. Stamp color are assorted.

Available in:

K1 2023

About our plastic


Diameter: 21.9 cm

Maximum weight: 181 g

Height: 2,1 cm

Rim Depth: 1.3 cm

Rim Thickness: 1,3 cm

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Göte in profile

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jared P. (Edmond, US)
Perfectly Straight Midrange

The K3 Gote flies perfectly straight and was exactly the midrange I was looking for. Not to mention, the grip on the K3 plastic is second to none.

Simon B. (Stockholm, SE)
Great feel and flight

Feels slimmer in the hand and a more straight flight compared to my K1 Glow, that is a bit more understable.