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K1 Berg X

K1 Berg X

Flight Specs

1 Glide
1 Turn
2 Fade
Disc Type: Putt & Approach

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Reliability is one of the most treasured features for any disc golfer. A disc that behaves the same way no matter what conditions it is presented to, will always increase the players confidence on the course. The Berg X is such a disc.

The characteristic of the original Berg is still there and the feel and flight is familiar… until you expose the Berg X for more power. Give it all you got, it doesn’t matter, the line will remain the same. The increased stability also makes it perfect for the forehand approach.

Suitable for:

Windy days, fearless putts and distinct approach shots.

Color information:

Shade of disc color may vary. Stamp color are assorted.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Gavin R. (Calgary, CA)
Berg x flight

Fella like a berg but has a very dependable fade good for power and for hand

Pär H.
Fantastic B

Berg is magic! Feels like it could read my mind and goes whatever I wanted to.

Dylan C. (Edmonton, CA)
Berg x

Wonderful disc abs received is very quickly

Austin G. (Prague, CZ)

My frisbee golf bag got stolen on the way to the course to use it for the first time. :(

Anonymous (Islington, GB)
Berg x

Great addition to the bag, needed that slightly more overstable version to fit between the berg and järn