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K1 Falk 2023

K1 Falk 2023

Flight Specs

6 Glide
-2 Turn
1 Fade
Disc Type: Fairway Driver

Ordinarie pris 199 SEK
Ordinarie pris Försäljningspris 199 SEK
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Skatt ingår.

This versatile fairway driver fits the skills and power of a wide range of players. With a comfortable grip and a rim width at 19 mm the Falk suits most hands and styles. Falk is Swedish for falcon.


Suitable for:

Glidey tailwind shots, long anhyzer lines and hyzer-flip drives.

Color information:

Shade of disc color may vary. Stamp color are assorted.

Available in:

K1, K1 Soft


Some glow discs have the option less glow. The explanation is that a few batches in the end of 2022 were produced with a different mixture, and they didn’t turn out as bright as the normal Kastaplast glow. That is also why they are priced as K1 plastic discs.


Diameter: 21.1 cm

Maximum weight: 175 gr

Height: 1.8 cm

Rim Depth: 1.1 cm

Rim Thickness: 1,9 cm

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Falk in profile

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Casper M. (Örebro, SE)
Hyser flip !

Enkel att hyser flippa med och otroligt glid !

Kenneth B. (Las Vegas, US)
Falk it ❤️

I love the Falk. It’s just the right amount of under stable for my drive.